Loayza Announcement

Loayza Announcement

We, the Session of Christ Fellowship, need to inform you of some decisions that have been made over the past couple of weeks in regard to our brother Jaime. After much prayerful deliberation, the Session has decided to relieve Jaime of his duties as the Director of Discipleship and Missions. We have also asked Jaime to resign his position as a ruling elder of Christ Fellowship which he has done. As most of you are aware, the last year or so has been difficult for Jaime physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Over the last few months, Jaime has demonstrated an attitude and behavior that the Session feels, temporarily disqualifies him from ministry. We, as a Session, are hopeful that time away from ministry will give Jaime time to rest, pray, and seek the Lord for healing and restoration. This was a difficult decision for all of us. The Session has and will continue to labor in prayer over this decision and the impact moving forward, knowing that God has led us to this decision for His glory. We will miss Jaime’s wisdom and passion for Christ that all of us have benefited from the last few years. We love and appreciate the Loayza family. We are grateful for God’s grace in using Jaime during his time here, and we pray for that same grace as he moves forward. Just as our decisions in this matter have been made to protect the peace and purity of the church as well as for the well-being of the Loayza family, the Session will refrain from offering more details on this matter. We encourage you, church family, to continue to seek the kingdom of God and Christ’s righteousness. We love you!

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