Why Join a Fellowship Group?

Most of us are busy. We have very little time to just “be”. We spend our free time in front of screens and devices, choosing to interact with people we will never really know.

Most churches offer as many programs as possible, filling the week with volunteer opportunities and ministries. Very often, people are missed in the shuffle and never feel “plugged in”. Others will take every opportunity and eventually burn out, feeling less connected than they did before.

In order to reach people, we have to be with them. What if we offer people an opportunity to belong to our group before they believe? What if we give them a space to just be around us and for us to be around them? Add to this our vision to be a diverse church, and “being” becomes even more important. We can have a diverse crowd on Sunday mornings, but we will not be a healthy church unless we have real relationships with one another.

Introducing: Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups are not just another event for us to attend, but an opportunity for us to be together – eat together, play together, serve together, laugh together, do whatever we want to do – but do it together. Our groups are intentionally multi-ethnic and multi-generational.

Very often, people need to feel like they belong before they believe. That is part of the discipleship process and has always been true in the Church. We want fellowship groups to be a safe place for non-Christians to interact with Christians, another front door to the church.

Above all else, fellowship groups are an opportunity to trust God and see Him at work! As with all Christian mission, prayer and dependence on the Holy Spirit must be the foundation of our efforts. Pray that God will use fellowship groups to increase our faith and bring new people to faith.

We have two groups beginning Sunday, September 20. Click here for more info.


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