Are you a confident person? Most of us can fake it. We will look you in the eyes, shake your hand, smile, and act like we have life figured out. But inside, we are not as sure of ourselves as we seem to be.

The Bible says that Christians have bold access to God (Eph. 3:12). We can approach Him with confidence by faith in Jesus. What is confidence? Confidence is trust that we won’t be destroyed when we walk in.

By now, most people have heard that a parking lot outside an IHOP in Meridian, MS, caved into a sinkhole swallowing 15 vehicles. I imagine that was the last thing those people expected when they parked their cars and walked inside to enjoy some pancakes! There’s always the possibility that someone may steal my car, but I am generally confident that a parking lot is going to stay where I left it! Concrete has earned my trust! But maybe I need to reconsider…

If you don’t have Jesus on your side, do you know what your biggest threat is? We worry about having an accident or getting cancer or being robbed. But Jesus warned us that the most anyone in this world can do to you is kill your body. Our biggest threat apart from faith in Jesus is God Himself. Losing your soul is far worse than losing your life.(Matt. 10:28) Is the foundation of our life as solid as we think it is?

God is not safe. None of us can stand before Him and claim to be innocent – except through faith in Jesus. Our confidence to stand before a Holy God is only if we stand before Him in the blood of Jesus.

But here’s the good news: if we have confidence to stand, free from shame and guilt, before the God who created everything – what are we afraid of? Why worry about our life? Why worry about what may or may not happen to us in the future? Why worry about what we have or don’t have today? Why worry about what other people think of us? God has secured you in Jesus with a plan written before you were born. Do not lose heart.

If you’d like to know more about God and what He is doing in the world, consider spending time with us and we will learn more about it together. Visit us Sunday, 10:00am at the HLMS band hall.


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