“Have mercy on those who doubt.” – Jude 22

Everyone I know has had doubts about their faith. Many still do – even me, the pastor. None of our doubting surprises God. He tells us to go easy on one another when we have questions. In that spirit, we are beginning a new series on Easter Sunday. I’m giving you the full schedule for the eight week series, because I want you to consider this the perfect time to invite friends and family members who have serious doubts. Love them. Show them mercy. Bring them to a place where they can safely explore the claims of Christ. It begins Easter Sunday, March 27. 10:00am at the HLMS band hall.

  • Did the resurrection really happen? (March 27)
  • How can there be only one true religion? (April 3)
  • How can a good God allow suffering? (April 10)
  • Why are there so many rules? (April 17)
  • Are Christians really the best people? (April 24)
  • How can hell be real? (May 1)
  • Has science made God unnecessary? (May 8)
  • Can I take the Bible literally? (May 15)

If you have a question that is not listed above, we want to be sure to answer it. Let someone on staff know and we will respond. Or comment below.


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