You are Valuable

I’m sitting here looking at a picture of my two sons. I remember the day they were each born. I remember feeling a love I had never felt. I remember sensing their incredible value.

But I was reminded today while reading The Voice of the Heart by Chip Dodd, that newborn babies haven’t done anything to earn that value. Think about it – babies are completely dependent on us. They produce nothing – except a mess! And yet, we know they have tremendous value, even though we expect nothing of them.

My boys are growing up. They can read. They can hit a baseball. They can tell a joke. They are handsome young men. I am proud of my boys. I expect things of them. But their value has not changed. I love them no more or less than I did the day they were born. Sometimes I communicate a different message, a message I regret. We make the mistake of teaching our children that their value and worth is connected more to what they produce than who they are…

Our culture is one of earned value. Look at my selfie – don’t you think I’m pretty/handsome? Look at my trophy – don’t you think I’m strong/fast? Look at my diploma – don’t you think I’m smart? We can celebrate what we accomplish, but none of it changes our value as a human being.

Every single human life has tremendous value. Everyone deserves to be seen first as a creature of beauty and worth because God made us. Christians, above all people, have reason to see every person as valuable. We know where they come from – the hands of God.

The Bible teaches that we suffer from a deep identity crisis. We don’t value our lives or the lives of others as God does. We think we have to achieve our own worth. The good news is that God does not judge the Christian based on his/her own performance. He embraces us as children when we are united to His Son, Jesus, by faith in His death and resurrection.

That good news is best learned in community with other Christians – where you will be valued and loved regardless of your past or present failures. You are valuable. We want you to believe it. We are a family and we are always adopting.



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