Unity, Not Uniformity

A nation so divided needs a church that is united. But unity is not the same thing as uniformity…

Uniformity says, “You are welcome if you are like me.” Unity says, “You are welcome here. Period.”

Uniformity says, “I will love the people I understand.” Unity says, “I will try to understand the ones I love.”

Uniformity says, “Adopt my values and we can be friends.” Unity says, “I’m adopting you into my family.”

Pushing for uniformity only creates more division. It strengthens the walls between us and weakens the witness of the church. As Lecrae recently stated, “Proximity does not equal diversity. Diversity does not equal unity.”

We are called to unity. God’s heart is for a unified church – a church that reflects the values of His kingdom. Unity begins with being around people who are different from us, but it does not end there. That is only the beginning. It requires a God-centered commitment to reconciliation and justice. It requires love and sacrifice.

If our churches do not pursue unity at the expense of uniformity, we will die. History proves this and the Scriptures guarantee it. In Revelation 2-3, Jesus clearly threatens to remove His presence from local churches that ignore His agenda. We are losing credibility with the world already. “By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

I honestly believe that Christ Fellowship is a group of people who are learning to love one another. We are pushing for real unity, not uniformity. To God be the glory, because it is His work!

We are a family, but we are always adopting. Like every family, we have our problems. We are truly a mess. But our church is a mess worth making. We have the love of our Father in heaven, and we want to share it with you.

Join us Sundays at 10:00am at the Horn Lake Middle School band hall. #oneinchrist


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