No More Tears

Christmas is a big season for the church: joyful songs, bright colors, parties with cookies and hot cocoa. We are supposed to focus on positive things: love, joy, peace. We want people to be excited about the birth of Jesus!

But the holidays are also a very difficult time for a lot of people. They will never miss departed loved ones more than they do at Christmas. Those dealing with sadness or pain often feel it more acutely when everyone tells them they are supposed to be happy.

We want to be a church that loves grieving people. We want to walk with you, sit with you, and cry with you. We want to be there when it hurts and we want to be there when healing begins. Most of all, we want to remind each other why Christmas is about hope – the only God who can undo the tragedy of death, sadness, and pain.

Join us for “No More Tears” – a sermon series for grieving people. Share this with anyone you know who may be hurting and invite them to be our guest. 10:00AM at the HLMS band hall.

Sunday, December 4 – No More Death
Sunday, December 11 – No More Sadness
Sunday, December 18 – No More Pain
**Saturday, December 24 – God With Us

**This will be our Lessons & Carols family worship service.


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