Weekly Update – June 7, 2017

Weekly Update – June 7, 2017

Dear CFC family,

Christ Fellowship added seven new households to covenant membership on June 4! The stories of God’s grace in their lives are incredible. Rejoice with us as we celebrate the goodness of God!

The Women’s Fellowship Team is planning a summer Bible Study on Saturdays, mid-day. Let us know if you are interested and the time you prefer.

Men: Be sure to look at the announcement below regarding phase two of the leader’s training. All men are invited to participate!

One in Christ,

Mike Winebrenner

Men’s Theology Class

The final phase of our men’s leadership training will begin on Sunday, September 17 from 4:00-6:00pm. This 9-week class will focus on theology with required reading and a final exam. All men are invited to participate. Elder and Deacon nominations will follow this class!


“Instructions to His Followers” – Mark 6:1-13

Be a Compassionate Herald. (Ser un heraldo compasivo.) Trust and don’t look for own-benefit. (Confiar y no buscar un beneficio propio.) Look for the Son of Peace and don’t waste time. (Buscar por el hijo de paz y no perder tiempo.)


June is Family Worship Month

Most of the ongoing discipleship we experience as Christians happens in our homes among our immediate family. This is especially true for children! During the month of June, consider starting a new habit – family worship! This may be a new idea for some, but there are many reasons to consider the practice. And because our church is also a family, there is no reason for anyone to be alone. Feel free to partner with another family if you are […]


Back-to-School Fellowship

After worship, join us for food and fellowship at Palmer Home. The church will provide hot dogs and water. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.



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