Weekly Update – July 5, 2017

Dear CFC family,

We received so much positive feedback regarding the bi-lingual sermon that we have decided to try it again! It is not what many of us are used to, but we are willing to sacrifice a little comfort for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Christ who speak Spanish. I left so encouraged Sunday by what the Lord is doing.

We will have children’s ministry available on Sunday. Also, mark your calendar for August 6 and our Back-to-School Fellowship at Palmer Home. Details below.

One in Christ,
Mike Winebrenner

“Pretenders” – Mark 7:1-13

Jesus wants to shift our focus… (Jesus quiere cambiar nuestro enfoque…) … from dirty hands to a dirty heart. (… de manos sucias a un corazón sucio.) … from “holy” pretenders to a holy God. (… de Pretender “ser santos” a conocer un Dios Santo.) … from good behavior to good news. (… de una buena conducta a buenas noticias.)



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