Weekly Update – July 12, 2017

Dear CFC family,

God is doing something amazing with Christ Fellowship! It was never part of my plans for us to become a bi-lingual church, but His ways are not my ways. I am so thankful for our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. I am so encouraged by their love for one another and their heart for the lost. Praise God for what He is doing in our midst!

Please make plans to join us Sunday, August 6 after worship for a special back-to-school fellowship at Palmer Home! See the details at the link below.

Somos uno en Cristo,
Mike Winebrenner

“From Within” – Mark 7:14-23

Sin is on the inside. (El pecado está en el interior.) We are all capable of great sin. (Todos somos capaces de un gran pecado.) The church is not a sterilized community. (La iglesia no es una comunidad esterilizada.)



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