Weekly Update – July 27, 2017

Dear CFC family,

I’ll be honest… We don’t have a lot to offer you. We don’t have a lot of programs. We don’t have a fancy place to meet. We’re not trying to impress anyone.

All we have to offer is Jesus. We actually hope to strip everything else away so that He doesn’t get lost in the mix. We are just a bunch of unremarkable people. We don’t even have that much in common. But we have Jesus.

The events we host are nothing more than opportunities for you to meet Jesus and be part of his family. WHAT we do is never as important as WHO we do it with.

One in Christ,
Mike Winebrenner

“Be Opened” – Mark 7:31-37

This is an illustration of mercy. (Este es una ilustración de misericordia.) This is an illustration of conversion. (Este es una ilustración de conversión.) This is an illustration of the cross. (Este una ilustración de la Cruz.) Admiring Christ is not the same thing as following Christ. (Admirar a Cristo No es lo mismo que seguir a Cristo.)



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