Not Fancy

Christ Fellowship is not a fancy church. We don’t meet in a fancy building. No one is expected to wear fancy clothes (but you can if you want). Our kids are rambunctious.  We don’t all show up on time. We are kind of a mess, but I love it.

Our lack of fancy doesn’t make us better than other churches. We simply want to be more accessible. When we strip everything else away, we are left with a community that doesn’t need much to come together. We just need the Holy Spirit and each other!

There is a danger to cluttering up the church with unnecessary extras. When Jesus cleared the temple of money-changers, it wasn’t just their business practices that angered him. They had cluttered up the court of the Gentiles, preventing outsiders from coming to worship peacefully. Do we consider the people we are called to reach when we choose our values and practices? Are we accessible to outsiders?

No fancy also means no pretense. What you see is what you get. It might surprise visitors to hear some of the things people pray for during our open prayer time. You might be a little shocked by the personal stories people tell in Bible study. But there is comfort in knowing that you’re getting to see something very close to the real people standing or sitting around you. We don’t feel so alone in our struggles. More importantly, we get to see God at work in them… without a filter.

This is just one of the many things I love about Christ Fellowship. We are a family, but we are always adopting! If you want to learn more, visit


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