Coronavirus Response

Updated June 20, 2020

After much prayer and discussion, the officers of Christ Fellowship (elders and deacons) have decided to resume public worship, with several precautions:

• For now, we will offer one public worship service at 10:30am in English only. A Spanish service will continue to be offered online only at 11:30am.
• Individuals who are sick or at high risk of infection should continue worshiping at home via the live stream. Please read the CDC guidelines regarding this.
• Chairs and rows will be placed throughout the sanctuary in accordance with social distancing rules.
• Masks are mandatory inside the church facility. Children under 5 are exempt. If you need a mask, we will have some available. Please read the CDC guidelines regarding masks.
• We will not be doing congregational singing yet.
• No coffee will be served.
• No nursery will be provided. The nursery/children’s areas will be available as cry rooms for parents and their children.
• We encourage attendees to use the restroom before arriving at the church facility.
• Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the facility.
• We will not pass offering baskets but will have a stationary offering location.
• Attendees are strongly encouraged to maintain social distancing rules.

If you are uncomfortable with these precautions (whether you think they are too stringent or not stringent enough) or if you feel your household is simply not ready to participate yet, the officers of the church stress that no one should feel guilt or shame in continuing to stream services from your homes.

The officers will meet again in mid-July to discuss any adjustments that need to be made to this plan. We are excited to gather again, but it is important to recognize that ministry and fellowship will not be the same at Christ Fellowship for some time. May we all exercise patience and grace with one another in the meantime.

A helpful link: Church, Don’t Let Coronavirus Divide You

One in Christ,

CFC Elders and Deacons

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    […] We want to do a better job of protecting the vulnerable people in our church and in our local communities. For that purpose, we are making face coverings or masks mandatory, in conjunction with CDC guidelines, when inside the church facility until further notice. We know this is uncomfortable for many, but it is a small inconvenience for the safety of our church body. Children under 5 are exempt from this rule. Please read the entire list of precautions before attending. […]

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