You may use a Bible during the exam. No other materials may be used. Please read the entire Westminster Confession of Faith before taking the exam. Make a note of any statements you disagree with.

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    Does the Bible contain any errors?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    Is everything in the Bible equally clear?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    What do we mean when we say the Bible is the "inspired Word of God"?

    God wrote it Himself.Human authors wrote it with God's help.God authored the Bible through the use of human writers.Holy men wrote it.

    What does "the Trinity" mean?

    Three Gods who love each other a lot.One God in three persons.One God who manifests Himself in three forms.The doctrine is not Biblical.

    What does the sovereignty of God mean?

    God knows everything that will happen.God controls all our decisions (like robots).God ordained or decreed everything past, present, and future.

    Has God chosen some people to be saved?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    Does science contradict the possibility of creation?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    Describe your view of creation.

    Were Adam and Eve real people?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    “God preserves and governs all His creatures and all their actions.” Do you agree?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    What is sin?

    Bad things people doGood things people don't doA fallen spiritual conditionAll of the above

    Are babies born sinful?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    God relates to His people through a covenant of grace.

    TrueFalseI’m not sure

    What did the death of Jesus accomplish?

    Are human beings free to do what they want?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    Is it possible for a lost person to choose salvation without God’s intervention?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    What is saving faith?

    A gift of God that allows us to receive and rest in the work of Christ.Agreement with the Bible.Feeling like God loves me.

    What is repentance?

    Making better decisionsPraying more oftenTurning from sin and to ChristConfessing to a priest

    What is justification?

    The process of making me more like JesusWhen I finally do enough good things for God to love meAn act of God declaring me pardoned from sin and righteous in Christ aloneGod decides not to punish people for sin

    God adds saved people to His family.

    TrueFalseI’m not sure

    What is sanctification?

    Can a person who is truly saved lose their salvation?

    YesNoI’m not sure

    Have you read the Westminster Confession of Faith?


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