Men of Conviction

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King

One of the things I love about Christ Fellowship is our men. Of course, I love our women and children too! But there is a sizable gender gap in the American Church. Women outnumber men on Sunday mornings by 20%-30%. That’s something we should lament, especially today.

Today is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther, a German monk, nailed a document on the door of his church and took a stand against the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Martin soon discovered that this action might get him killed, but his convictions mattered more.

Men of conviction have always led the great movements of the church. Martin Luther King (named for the German monk) knew from the beginning that his message of love and justice might get him killed. When the Apostle Peter stood to preach in the temple on the Day of Pentecost, he knew that it might get him killed.

None of these men were perfect. Peter was a coward who denied Jesus just a few short weeks before Pentecost. None of the men of Christ Fellowship are perfect either. And yet, I am thankful to see the grace of God working itself out in the lives of our men. We have been blessed with men of character, men who love God’s Word and God’s people, men who love their families, men who want to glorify God in their work.

May our men also be men of conviction. May they be men who are unafraid to stand for truth. May they be men who are willing to serve even if it means sacrifice. May they be men who desire the work of the church and not just the titles and recognition.

In the month of November, we will take a break from studying Mark to consider the qualifications for church elders and deacons. This is a season of great significance for us as a young church. We need to consider carefully the kind of men God wants to lead His church. The congregation will have an opportunity in December to nominate men for those offices.

The November series will follow this schedule:

  • November 5 – “Elect Christians”
  • November 12 – “Elect Men”
  • November 19 – “Elect Servants”
  • November 26 – “Elect Shepherds”

We need to pray. God knows the hearts of all men (Acts 1:24). Our task is to look for men who are already doing the work. We only want to recognize and affirm the call of God that has already been placed on these men.

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