Sermons on Luke

“Decorate” – Luke 1:46-55

This was originally a bi-lingual homily, but I forgot to record it live. Christmas is celebrated by Christians around the world. We don’t all celebrate the same way. But in most places, there are gifts and decorations. We decorate our homes to honor the birth of Jesus. Decoration is putting beautiful things on display. Did you know that our worship as Christians is a form of decoration? Our sons just read for us the Magnificat. It is the song of…

“What Involves Following Jesus?” – Luke 9:57-62

Involves a sacrificial life. (Implica una vida de sacrificio.) Involves a sacrificial obedience to announce the Gospel. (Implica una obediencia sacrificada para anunciar el evangelio.) Involves a sacrifice to not go back. (Implica un sacrificio para no volver atrás.)

“How Can Hell Be Real?” – Luke 12:4-7

Every soul is headed for eternal life or eternal judgment. (Toda alma está dirigida a la vida eterna o al eterno juicio.) Our God is both loving and just. (Nuestro Dios es la vez amoroso y justo.) The wrath and love of God intersected at the cross. (La ira y el amor de Dios se cruzan en la cruz.)
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