Sermons on Chasing the Good Life

“The Cult of Information” Ecclesiastes 1:12-18

“We live in an age when images can be photo-shopped, videos can be edited, and lies can go viral. Our social media feeds are curated based on our preferences, so we end up seeing a lot of information that fits our own personal bias. And yet, most of the world continues to operate on the assumption that if we can just get the right information in front of people, the world will be a better place.” “Is our information war…

“Chasing Money” – Ecclesiastes 5:10-20

I. More money, more problems. (Más dinero, más problemas.) II. We need a heart occupied with God. (Necesitamos un corazón ocupado en Dios.) III. Accept and enjoy what you have as a gift from God. (Acepta y disfruta lo que tienes como un regalo de Dios.)

“Chasing Stability” – Ecclesiastes 2:12-17

Wisdom is better than foolishness because it provides stability. (La sabiduría es mejor que la necedad porque esta provee estabilidad.) Stability will not prevent depression. (Estabilidad no previene la depresión.) Only Gospel stability offers lasting hope. (Solo la estabilidad de evangelio ofrece una esperanza duradera.)

“Chasing the Good Life – Introduction” – Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

Chasing the good life is chasing vapor. (Persiguiendo la buena vida, es estar persiguiendo el vapor.) a. Life will move on without you. (La vida va a continuar adelante sin ti.) b. Life will disappoint you. (La vida te va a decepcionar.) c. Your life is not special. (Su vida no es especial.) Life in the Son gives meaning to life under the sun. (La vida en el Hijo da sentido a la vida que está de bajo del sol.)
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